Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Arabic Writing & Language

Arabic Writing & Language

According to, over 186 million people speak Arabic as a mother tongue. In addition to this, Islam's holy book the Qur'an is written in Arabic and must be recited in Arabic by Muslims five times a day during ritual prayers. Arabic ranks number six amongst the major spoken languages of the

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: lâcher


What does the French word lâcher mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: William Hazlitt's Classic Essay on Corporations

William Hazlitt's Classic Essay on Corporations

In this essay, originally published in 1821, William Hazlitt takes a skeptical view of large corporations. Consider, in particular, his description of the damaging effects of corporate life on the individual.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Easter and Chocolate

Easter and Chocolate

Japan has adopted many Western events, but Easter is still unfamiliar to most Japanese and I too didn't know much about Easter.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Buying French Supplies

Buying French Supplies

Tips to help you find your "must have" French supplies at the best possible prices.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The Problem Of Equivalence In Translation Works

The Problem Of Equivalence In Translation Works

The article is devoted to a linguistic research of translation correctness, i.e. to measuring of translator's success in preserving the authentic meaning and primary idea of texts. The author view is based on theoretic principles of nowadays linguistics.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Child Care Vocabulary List

Child Care Vocabulary List

Learn the Mandarin Chinese names for common items related to child care. This child care vocabulary list has animated Chinese characters showing the stroke order of each character, and audio files for pronunciation and listening practice.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: All about Chercher

All about Chercher

Chercher is a very common and useful French verb. It is a regular -ER verb and means "to look for." Chercher is commonly used like its English counterpart, but there are a few aspects that make it a little tricky.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: What Is Colloquial Language?

What Is Colloquial Language?

Colloquial is the characteristic style of writing that seeks the effect of informal spoken language as distinct from formal or literary English.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Today in Francophone History

Today in Francophone History

Learn about important dates in French and francophone history: famous birthdays, holidays and celebrations, and other milestones.