Health & Medical: Stages of a Flood

Stages of a Flood

Floods can be a destructive force, and early warnings about the stages of a flood should be heeded.River image by D'D?'?D¡ãD?D?D1 from Fotolia.comThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) oversees the National Weather Service, which issues weather warnings for all kinds...

Health & Medical: What Should Be in a First Aid Kit?

What Should Be in a First Aid Kit?

Because you never know when or where an emergency will occur, a first-aid kit is a good preparation method that ensures that you and your loved ones will be protected. While you can purchase a pre-packed first-aid kit, packing your own items may prove more comprehensive in cases of emergency. Pack t

Health & Medical: How to Learn CPR & Infant CPR

How to Learn CPR & Infant CPR

If you properly administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately to a victim of cardiac arrest, you will double his chances of survival, according to the American Heart Association. Yet, without training it is nearly impossible to accomplish the task. Fortunately, you have options to help

Health & Medical: Laser Therapy for Cancer

Laser Therapy for Cancer

Many types of treatments and therapies exist to battle cancer---including laser surgery or therapy. Laser therapy is typically considered when the patient is dealing with a growth on the skin or the outer lining of an internal organ. Once a cancer has become malignant, however, laser surgery becomes

Health & Medical: Norton Industries Smoke Alarm Instructions

Norton Industries Smoke Alarm Instructions

It may sound dramatic, but a smoke alarm really can mean the difference between life and death. If a fire starts in your home, the extra time a smoke alarm gives you to escape and call the fire department can also limit the amount of damage done to your property. If you're a landlord, it's your resp

Health & Medical: The Salaries for Optometry and Pediatrics

The Salaries for Optometry and Pediatrics

Two specialized fields of medicine are optometry and pediatrics. Optometrists are doctors of optometry who specialize in vision care, and pediatricians are medical doctors who are experts in the health care of children. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for optometris

Health & Medical: How to Detect a Propane Leak Near a Range

How to Detect a Propane Leak Near a Range

Propane, a liquefied petroleum product, is used in over 14 million homes across the United States, according to the National Propane Gas Association. It fuels a wide range of home appliances, including cook-tops and ovens to furnaces and water heaters and is a popular source of energy due to its low

Health & Medical: Snake and Lizard Bites-Home Treatment

Snake and Lizard Bites-Home Treatment

If you were bitten by a snake or lizard that you know or suspect is poisonous, callor other emergency services immediately. Do not wait for symptoms to develop.

Health & Medical: Disaster Management and Communication

Disaster Management and Communication

During a natural or manmade hazard, emergency managers and the general public need both one- and two-way forms of communication, but the hazards' conditions can cause loss of electrical power and telecommunications and block travel, further endangering the public. With common methods of communicatio

Health & Medical: What is Polarized Light?

What is Polarized Light?

You are probably most familiar with polarized light in terms of polarized sunglasses. These moderately high-end glasses filter out light and reduce glare, and are extremely popular with sport fishermen and other water-based professionals because they make it easier to see through and around water ev

Health & Medical: Sun Poisoning Cures

Sun Poisoning Cures

Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays when the skin is not accustomed to being in direct sunlight can result in sun poisoning. This is a condition where the skin appears to have a sunburn and hives. Sun poisoning can be extremely painful and can blister and peel. People with fair skin are particula

Health & Medical: Does Liquor Break Down Into Isopropyl Alcohol in the Body?

Does Liquor Break Down Into Isopropyl Alcohol in the Body?

When a person consumes alcoholic beverages, it is the liver that processes the majority of the chemicals in alcohol. About 90 to 98 percent of all alcohol ingested is processed by the liver, with the remainder leaving via urination or sweating.