Health & Medical: Children and Vaccines

Children and Vaccines

It can be a scary thing to think about whether or not vaccines could harm your child. I never even knew of such a debate before I had kids. It was only after I had my son that I starting reading about it and got scared!

Health & Medical: How To Choose The Best Children' s Books

How To Choose The Best Children' s Books

Diane Dignan answers the question, "How to choose the best children's books?" She is the author of the award winning book, Bartholomew's Gift, writes stories with morals and positive uplifting tales for children and adults.

Health & Medical: Promise Center

Promise Center

The Promise Center is the first award a Daisy Girl Scout earns. It is awarded when she learns the Girl Scout Promise. It is the center of a flower around which Daisy petals are placed as they are earned.

Health & Medical: Boomers As Grandparents

Boomers As Grandparents

Baby Boomer grandparents tend to be active, well-educated and fun for their grandchildren to be around..

Health & Medical: Things to Know About Infant Slings

Things to Know About Infant Slings

Infants like to be carried. If you even attempt to put them down, they will usually start crying immediately. With an infant sling, you can carry your child around for hours while doing your daily errands. It is actually best to stay moving while wearing an infant sling. Infants normally do not want

Health & Medical: Let's Dish Meal Assembly Store

Let's Dish Meal Assembly Store

Tired of the scramble to put a healthy meal on the table every night before the kids melt down from hunger? Let's Dish promises to save you time preparing meals by providing a commercial kitchen and all the fresh ingredients you need to assemble multiple dinners ahead of time. You freeze the me

Health & Medical: Are YOU a Poor Parent?

Are YOU a Poor Parent?

Times are changing. The way society treats children has changed, and the respect and discipline kids used to have for adults has largely gone. You only have to travel on the bus during after school hours to witness the lack of care many youth have for anything around them, fighting, spitting, and ge

Health & Medical: Toilet Training Boys

Toilet Training Boys

Is there a difference in toilet training boys from toilet training girls? The principals may be the same however the tricks and techniques can be very different.

Health & Medical: Baby and Toddler - Discipline vs Punishment

Baby and Toddler - Discipline vs Punishment

Discipline and punishment are two very different things.Discipline is a system of teaching based on praise and instruction to encourage good behavior.Punishment is negative.

Health & Medical: Shapes for Tessellation Projects

Shapes for Tessellation Projects

Tiling in mathematics is called "Tessellation." Shapes, generally regular ones, are used to repeatedly cover a space. Like tiling, no space, gap, or overlapping should be resulted in tessellation. Tessellation is a fun class activity where students experiment putting shapes together to for

Health & Medical: How To Treat Cradle Cap

How To Treat Cradle Cap

Infantile seborrheic dermatitis or cradle cap is a common ailment affectingmany babies to some degree, however it is easily treated and normally clears up after a few months.Seborrhea is a condition where the sebaceous glands produced too much oil.

Health & Medical: What Are the Duties of a Babysitter for Toddlers?

What Are the Duties of a Babysitter for Toddlers?

When caring for a toddler, a babysitter has a number of duties that they must perform. These include basic care for the child, setting examples, providing consistent discipline and allowing the child time to play. Caregivers must always follow the instructions of the child's parent, so it helps if t

Health & Medical: How Can I Stop My Children From Fighting?

How Can I Stop My Children From Fighting?

Over the years, I've often heard adults say they still hold a grudge against their sibling.What can we do to ensure our children grow up respecting and liking each other?

Health & Medical: Music Class for Babies. Ottawa!

Music Class for Babies. Ottawa!

Kindermusik with MEA, a music and movement program for children ages 0-7 would like to invite families with babies 0-18 mos to join us for a free demonstration of Kindermusik "Village" on Saturday February 18th, ...

Health & Medical: Child Discipline the Right Way

Child Discipline the Right Way

There is a way to do child discipline that will get you the very best results. This article discusses exactly what we need to do in order to ensure that our kids learn from discipline every time.

Health & Medical: Boys Will Be Boys?

Boys Will Be Boys?

I recently read a great article about parents who excuse their child's behavior because he is a boy. You know, the parents who say, "He's just being a boy." or "Boys will be boys." After the child knocked over a chair, hit another child over the head, and ran off when h

Health & Medical: How to Convert a Dropside Crib to a Toddler Bed

How to Convert a Dropside Crib to a Toddler Bed

Parents purchase convertible cribs because they can grow with the child. When the child is ready to move out of his crib, the bed can convert to a toddler bed and then to a full bed later on. Dropside cribs are one choice for convertible beds; the side that drops down can simply be removed when it i