Health & Medical: Uses of Castor Oil for Personal Care

Uses of Castor Oil for Personal Care

Castor oil is produced by pressing the ripe seeds from castor beans that have had their outer covering removed. The oil is referred to as ricinus oil or castor oil. The oil has a faint odor and slightly acrid taste. Castor oil has been used in medicinal remedies for centuries, and you can use castor

Health & Medical: Technical Duties of a Hospital

Technical Duties of a Hospital

A hospital must perform its technical duties successfully to run smoothly.Hospital image by Raulmah?3n from Fotolia.comA hospital has many important technical duties. These responsibilities exist outside of the realms of healing the sick and patching up the wounded. To meet these...

Health & Medical: Alteplase Side Effects

Alteplase Side Effects states that alteplase is an enzyme that is used to break and dissolve blood clots, which can block arteries. This medication prevents heart attacks or pulmonary embolisms, which can be deadly. Alteplase is usually injected by physicians within six hours of complaints of chest pain by

Health & Medical: Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet

Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet

Proponents of the Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet suggest eating enough alkaline foods to balance out consumption of acidic foods in order to maintain a proper pH balance in the body. It is recommended that 50 to 80 percent of total dietary calories come from alkalizing foods with the remainder coming f

Health & Medical: Deep Tissue Gum Cleaning

Deep Tissue Gum Cleaning

A deep tissue gum cleaning is effective in the treatment against periodontal disease. While brushing the teeth is important for proper dental health, the gums are often treated inconsistently, leading to tooth loss or gum disease. By maintaining a regular schedule of deep tissue cleaning, teeth and

Health & Medical: Carbohydrate Specific Diet for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Carbohydrate Specific Diet for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Although it is not a condition that is commonly accepted by most medical practitioners, leaky gut syndrome is nonetheless a disease from which many people claim to suffer. Leaky gut syndrome is purportedly a condition that affects the intestinal lining whereby unwanted substances such as toxins "le

Health & Medical: How to Make an Exfoliator With Almond Oil

How to Make an Exfoliator With Almond Oil

Exfoliation is key to maintaining youthful, healthy skin, as the practice sloughs off dead skin cells that cause skin to look uneven, rough and blotchy. Rather than spending money on expensive scrubs that may contain chemical ingredients, make your own at home using almond oil. This oil is a natural

Health & Medical: Pollutants and Their Effects on Respiration

Pollutants and Their Effects on Respiration

Pollution can have devastating effects on the land, the water, and the air on which we rely. Air in particular is of crucial importance, since it is spread all around the globe by winds and jet streams. This means the release of airborne pollutants in one area can affect another area,...

Health & Medical: Phases for Annual Assessment in Core Values

Phases for Annual Assessment in Core Values

The annual assessment of core values aims at measuring the individual performance against the laid down departmental or organization objectives. This individual appraisal is used in identifying outstanding performances for rewards or promotion. Involving and consulting the appraisee during the asses

Health & Medical: How Much Watering Does a Majesty Palm Need?

How Much Watering Does a Majesty Palm Need?

The Ravenea rivularis, commonly referred to as the Majesty Palm, has its roots in the wilds of Madagascar. A tropical plant, this palm tree is sensitive to its environment, which means that a variety of factors can influence the determination of exactly how much watering it needs. Careful observatio

Health & Medical: Are Dried Fruits as Good as Fresh Fruits?

Are Dried Fruits as Good as Fresh Fruits?

While few things taste as good as fresh fruit in season, dried fruits are also delicious. The nutritional makeup of fresh and dried fruit is slightly different, with dried fruits containing more calories.

Health & Medical: Coconut Oil for Babies

Coconut Oil for Babies

Coconut oil has been called by many "the healthiest oil in the world." While it was once maligned for its high saturated fat content, recent research indicates that its medium-chain fatty acids and anti-microbial properties actually make it a healthy choice, according to Mark's Daily Apple website.

Health & Medical: What Diets Work Best?

What Diets Work Best?

When it comes to determining which diets work best, the first question that needs to be answered is "Best for what"? Most people on a diet are probably looking to lose a moderate amount of weight in a relatively short time. There are diets designed to help you lose weight quickly, reaching your id

Health & Medical: Dynacleine Side Effects

Dynacleine Side Effects

Dynacleine is an Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) solution that is used to speed up the recovery process for muscle injuries in racing animals. ATP is a naturally occurring cell material that plays a part in energy transfer. It may be administered via injection to greyhounds or horses, and works to redu

Health & Medical: Sit and Be Fit Exercises

Sit and Be Fit Exercises

Sit and Be Fit is an exercise program and television series developed by Mary Ann Wilson, RN, and broadcast on PBS. All Sit and Be Fit exercises can be done sitting down. For those suffering from fibromyalgia (a chronic condition characterized by debilitating pain), those who have suffered a stroke

Health & Medical: What Are the Dangers of UV Light?

What Are the Dangers of UV Light?

Ultraviolet light, UV for short, is an often ignored part of the light spectrum, mostly because it is invisible to the naked eye. The short-term dangers of UV exposure are usually fairly minor and merely annoying. However, the long-term dangers of UV light pose a serious risk that all too often ends

Health & Medical: Nutritional Value of Buttermilk

Nutritional Value of Buttermilk

At one time, buttermilk was merely the substance that was left after making butter. Buttermilk has evolved and now comes in both low-fat and skim versions. It also is available in a lactose-free form for people who are unable tolerate lactose. An 8-oz. serving contains 100 calories.

Health & Medical: Safety Requirements for an Outdoor Event

Safety Requirements for an Outdoor Event

Event planners should always aim high when estimating the potential number of people who will attend.motocyclist in stunt riding show.sports.motorsport image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comIn many places inside the United States, all that is required to plan an outdoor event is obtaining a...

Health & Medical: Flowers That Repel Mosquitoes and Bugs in Gardens

Flowers That Repel Mosquitoes and Bugs in Gardens

Some insects, like bees and butterflies, are highly desirable garden visitors. Others are less popular, with mosquitoes among the most annoying and potentially dangerous. A number of flowering plants have some degree of repellent effect on mosquitoes and other insect pests. In most cases, however, i

Health & Medical: Calorie Counting Tips

Calorie Counting Tips

Calorie counting is the practice of keeping track of what foods you eat and the amount of energy they provide to your body in the form of calories. Calories are units of heat energy which are a useful guide for changing body weight: If you burn more calories each day than you eat, you will lose weig