Home & Garden: Quilting While Remembering Special Memories of Our Family's Lives

Quilting While Remembering Special Memories of Our Family's Lives

Quilting is a craft that many have found to be relaxing and productive. Taking pieces of fabric, laying them out in a pattern, while you create a memory of long ago. Collecting those pieces of fabric is most of the intrigue of making that one special quilt for a loved one in your family or for a clo

Home & Garden: Crafting With Vintage Linens

Crafting With Vintage Linens

Part of the fun of crafting with vintage linens is selecting just the right items for a project. I like to maintain a stash of linens in my studio. That way, when I am ready to work on a project, the right items are on hand. Most of the items I use are one-of-a -kind, so it is difficult to go out an

Home & Garden: Quilting 101 - Fabric

Quilting 101 - Fabric

Ideally, we use 100% cotton to make quilts; however, you do not have to be confined to commercial fabric outlets when looking for quilting material. Cotton is also attainable from clothing and bedding that you find in your travels.

Home & Garden: Model Train Enthusiast' s Bible

Model Train Enthusiast' s Bible

A complete guide for model train enthusiast of all levels.Learn how to build your own now! Important facts about model train and how to build it right. Get familiar with common hurdles you'll face while building them.

Home & Garden: Advice For Those Choosing A Riding Hat

Advice For Those Choosing A Riding Hat

The riding hat is the most important part of the horse rider’s safety equipment as it protects your head in case of a fall. This is why it is essential to have a good quality hat that fits well and meets current safety standards.

Home & Garden: How to Make Your Own Keychain

How to Make Your Own Keychain

Keychains are necessary to organize the many different keys that you have. Here's the basic procedure on how to make your own keychains.

Home & Garden: Dangers of Generic Coin Grading Companies

Dangers of Generic Coin Grading Companies

You should only buy coins graded by PCGS, NGC, and Anacs. All other third party grading companies have major flaws in their grading. Many of these flaws make these coins difficult to buy/sell, if not impossible.

Home & Garden: What's Your Collection Worth?

What's Your Collection Worth?

Insurance is one way to be sure your collection can be replaced in the case of storms or fire.

Home & Garden: God Made... Mobile Craft

God Made... Mobile Craft

Instructions to make a special mobile. Great for Sunday school or vacation bible school!

Home & Garden: Coin Collecting For Kids is a Mint Hobby

Coin Collecting For Kids is a Mint Hobby

Children love to try new things. Getting them interested in a coin collection is not very hard. Some may find a love of coins comes naturally if others in their family share the same interest. Coin collecting for kids may also generate an interest in coins that are from other countries as well.

Home & Garden: Why a Bread Box?

Why a Bread Box?

Bread boxes are a great thing. They come in so many styles, colors, and materials you are sure to find one just right for your intended use.

Home & Garden: Fun Jars Project

Fun Jars Project

Gail shares suggestions to make treasure holders out of jars.

Home & Garden: Depression Glass Colors

Depression Glass Colors

If there was one thing that makes depression glass worth collecting, it is the vast array of rainbow colors that it was made in. The colors of the glassware are a dead cert giveaway of the items validity and age. The translucent coloring, along with the patterns used to decorate depression glass mak