Home & Garden: Can You Transplant Pines?

Can You Transplant Pines?

Yes, you can transplant pine trees. In fact, North Dakota State University's Agriculture Department rates members of the Pinus genus as having a medium to high tolerance for transplantability. However, purchasing a young pine tree transplant from a nursery that minimizes the chance of its saplings e

Home & Garden: How to Transplant Carnations

How to Transplant Carnations

Gardeners who enjoy the beauty of carnations might consider adding them to their landscapes. Expert and novice gardeners alike will appreciate how easily and colorfully carnations grow in a sunny area. Start carnations indoors and then transplant the seedlings to an outdoor area when the weather is

Home & Garden: The Best Time to Plant a Creosote Bush

The Best Time to Plant a Creosote Bush

The creosote bush (Larrea tridentate) is an evergreen shrub native to the Chihuahuan, Sonoran and Mojave deserts. In its native habitat, the plant grows in the slopes, valleys and desert washes at elevations of 5,000 feet or lower. According to the University of Arizona Extension, the creosote bush

Home & Garden: My Squash Leaves Wilt in the Afternoon

My Squash Leaves Wilt in the Afternoon

Squash plants produce large, flat leaves that are lobed and covered in fine, short bristles. The leaves of the squash plant protect the fruits from too much sunlight as well as being a means of providing nutrients to the plant. Wilting leaves in the afternoon are usually a result of extremes in grow

Home & Garden: How to Build a Raised Gardens

How to Build a Raised Gardens

A raised garden is sometimes referred to as a garden bed or raised bed. You can create a raised bed using amended garden soil to form a linear mound in which to plant your seed. A permanent raised garden bed is made from lumber and provides structural support for the garden. You can have one raised

Home & Garden: How to Make Fuschia

How to Make Fuschia

Fuchsia is a native flower of South America and a member of the evening primrose family. The plant has a bushy, shrub-like growth. Its dangling flowers have long stamens in contrasting shades that extend well below the short petals. The flowers bloom in a range of colors. Hardy cultivars are toleran

Home & Garden: What Salinity Will Stunt the Germination of a Bean Plant?

What Salinity Will Stunt the Germination of a Bean Plant?

An excess of sodium or other salts can create serious growing problems for gardeners and farmers. Saline or sodic soils cannot support salt-sensitive crops, among them a number of fruits and vegetables, including beans. Sensitivity may prevent seed germination, stunt growth and drastically reduce cr

Home & Garden: The Structure of Ferns

The Structure of Ferns

Fern structure hasn't changed much in 225 million years. Because of their ancient form, ferns are labeled by many botanists as primitive plants. This botanical survivor succeeds in nearly every climate, however, despite being lower on the evolutionary scale.

Home & Garden: How Do Biennials & Perennials Survive the Winter?

How Do Biennials & Perennials Survive the Winter?

Biennial plants need two seasons to live their lives, and perennials live three years or more. Both have adapted to climate conditions in their native ranges by using dormancy and one of three techniques to survive winter temperatures.

Home & Garden: How to Ship Aquatic Plants

How to Ship Aquatic Plants

Shipping live aquarium plants can seem like a daunting task but it is a simple one. Plants are fragile by nature and require careful shipping to keep them alive in transit. Proper care must be taken to keep them with a supply of water (which also supplies their nutrients). Ship them using the fastes

Home & Garden: How to Plant a Peony Tree from Seed

How to Plant a Peony Tree from Seed

Tree peonies, a shrub-like plant that produces large flowers in purple, red and yellow, can be a colorful and vibrant addition to any garden. Tree peonies are a hardy, easy to grow perennial, according to the University of Vermont Department of Plant and Soil Science. Growing peonies from seeds can

Home & Garden: How to Propagate Gazania

How to Propagate Gazania

The name gazania refers to a genus of perennial flowers native to southern Africa. Many species of gazania are cultivated as ornamental plants for their velvety, silver-green foliage and showy flowers, which bear a resemblance to daisies in shape but occur in a variety of color combinations. The har

Home & Garden: Information on Sauna Kits

Information on Sauna Kits

Purchasing a sauna kit can be a convenient way to add the luxury of a sauna to your home. The kit includes all the materials, including wood cut to the proper lengths and cedar trim for the door, so installation is quick and relatively easy. You can also purchase additional accessories for your saun

Home & Garden: Which Beds Do Gerbils Prefer?

Which Beds Do Gerbils Prefer?

Pet gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) do not sleep in tiny beds, but they do prefer to sleep in particular bedding. This bedding, sometimes called nesting material, differs from the cage or aquarium bedding because it is much softer. "Gerbils" author Sue Fox recommends plain, unscented white paper tow

Home & Garden: What Plant Family Is Asparagus Part Of?

What Plant Family Is Asparagus Part Of?

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that originated in the Eastern Mediterranean, but is now cultivated worldwide. Asparagus is distinct in classification, nutrient value and regenerative capabilities.

Home & Garden: How to Kill Boston Ivy

How to Kill Boston Ivy

Boston ivy forms an ornate, natural decoration as it creeps up trees and brick buildings but it can also be a pest. Ivy can damage brick and mortar and steal away much needed nutrients from the surrounding plant life. Ivy is invasive and persistent; there are no simple solutions for getting rid of i

Home & Garden: How to Get Rid of Thistle in Your Yard

How to Get Rid of Thistle in Your Yard

Thistle is a type of plant with prickly, sharp spines that can grow and thrive in your yard. Generally, these plants will not harm other vegetation in your yard, such as grass, vegetable plants or flowers, as weeds can. However, because they are sharp to the touch and have the ability to spread rapi

Home & Garden: What Depth Should I Plant Mini Bell Pepper Seeds?

What Depth Should I Plant Mini Bell Pepper Seeds?

Mini bell pepper seeds are planted in much the same way as large bell peppers, although they require a little extra care during the germination stage. The seeds need to be loosely planted in a consistently warm location with a lot of light until they are ready to be transplanted.

Home & Garden: Hawaiian Ginger Plants

Hawaiian Ginger Plants

Only a fraction of all ginger plants are edible.fresh ginger image by Brett Mulcahy from Fotolia.comThe beautiful flowers of Hawaiian ginger plants often find their way into many perfumes and essential oils. Although most of these perennial herbs are valued for their heady fragrances and...

Home & Garden: Varieties of Peach Trees

Varieties of Peach Trees

The sweet taste of a peach can bring back memories of home when life was simple. Peaches are a tasty treat that is also good for you. There are many varieties of peach trees. Some trees produce large, plump, juicy, pinkish-orange fruit while others have a smaller yellow or white...