Home & Garden: Growth & Development of a Bean Plant

Growth & Development of a Bean Plant

Beans are a legume that grows in sunny locations in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. The quick growth and high success rate of beans make them suitable for teaching children about the lifecycle of plants, as well as providing fresh produce for consumption.

Home & Garden: How to Grow Beans From Dried Seeds at a Grocery Store

How to Grow Beans From Dried Seeds at a Grocery Store

Summer is the season for growing beans. Bush beans, which stop growing at a predetermined height, and pole beans, which grow on long beanstalks, thrive in full sun and warm weather. The best-loved bean varieties are the scarlet runner, which gardeners grow for its prolific red flowers; green beans,

Home & Garden: How to Grow Sago Palms From Pups

How to Grow Sago Palms From Pups

Sago palm (Cycas revolute) is commonly called funeral palm or Japanese sago palm, but sago's are not in fact palms at all. These plants look like palms but are actually part of the Cycadaceae family. You can multiply sago palm trees through separating and planting the offsets, babies or pups that de

Home & Garden: Garden Worms That Target Cabbage & Broccoli

Garden Worms That Target Cabbage & Broccoli

A healthy head of broccoli.broccoli image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comWhen people plant a garden, they will often place the broccoli and the cauliflower together. This is beneficial for spacing purposes, but it is also harmful. The biggest reason why that is harmful is because...

Home & Garden: How to Grow Bay Beans

How to Grow Bay Beans

Canavalia rosea, also known as beach or bay beans, are a hearty bean plant that grows in salty, sandy soil. This quick growing ground cover possesses large, waxy leaves and showy purple flowers that turn into edible bean pods. Bay beans are a tropical plant that should only be planted in U.S. Depart

Home & Garden: What Two U.S. States Grow Cocoa Beans?

What Two U.S. States Grow Cocoa Beans?

Cocoa, or cacao, beans grow on the cocoa plant and have been used since the 1800s to make chocolate. Cocoa is now grown in tropical regions around the world, but it originated in South and Central America.

Home & Garden: Rainer Cherry Tree Information

Rainer Cherry Tree Information

When you think of cherries, you probably imagine varieties like Bing or Skeena that produce red fruit. Another popular variety is the Rainier cherry, which differs from most other varieties because the flesh of the cherry is yellow, rather than red.

Home & Garden: Cape Honeysuckle Propagation

Cape Honeysuckle Propagation

Native to South Africa, cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis) is a sturdy shrub, with vine-like foliage and bright red tube-shaped flowers. Cape honeysuckle, hardy to USDA planting zones 9 to 11, isn't difficult to propagate by taking cuttings from a mature plant.

Home & Garden: Are Peanut Shells Good for Roses?

Are Peanut Shells Good for Roses?

Peanut shells may be used on your roses, but will not provide them with nutrients. Incorporating peanut shells into your rose fertilizer or mulch is similar to using wood chips or bark. Peanut shells are absorbent and take a while to decompose, therefore they remain in the soil for an extended perio

Home & Garden: The History of Pest Control and Pesticides

The History of Pest Control and Pesticides

Pests have been infiltrating home gardens and lawns, as well as areas within the home, for generations. They can become quite the nuisance when they are not dealt with, and can rapidly multiply if ignored. Luckily, numerous pesticide brands are on the market today to help keep the pests away.

Home & Garden: Hydroponic Fungicide Treatment

Hydroponic Fungicide Treatment

A fungicide is a chemical or mixture of chemicals designed to eliminate fungus. Fungus can be damaging and destructive to plants, even plants grown using the hydroponics technique where roots are suspended in water with no growing medium.

Home & Garden: List of the Largest Varieties of Maple Trees

List of the Largest Varieties of Maple Trees

Some of the tallest maple trees grow along rivers banks and streams.Bachlauf inmitten von B?¡èumen im Englischen Garten image by tina7si from Fotolia.comMaple trees are deciduous shade trees known for their wide seeds that look like helicopters as they spin to the ground. The leaf colors...

Home & Garden: How to Get Rid of a Bird of Paradise Plant

How to Get Rid of a Bird of Paradise Plant

A flowering perennial of the Strelitzia genus, it is colloquially referred to as a bird of paradise plant. The shrub is native to certain parts of South Africa, though it can now be found in various warm and tropical climates. The plant is grown for ornamental purposes thanks to its large white, gre

Home & Garden: How to Store Arisaema Bulbs

How to Store Arisaema Bulbs

Arisaema is a woodland plant more commonly known as "jack in the pulpit" because of the green and purple bloom, or "spadix" (jack), that hides in a green- and purple-striped hooded sheath, or "spathe" (pulpit). The blooms disappear in autumn and are replaced with bright red berries. If you don't hav

Home & Garden: Sunflower Advantages

Sunflower Advantages

The bright, bold, cheery blossoms of sunflowers add a bit of whimsy to a garden landscape. While you're probably familiar with the giant yellow sunflowers that grow to 10-feet tall with seed heads nearly 12 inches in diameter, you might not know that sunflowers comes in various shades of burgundy, o

Home & Garden: Foliage Problems of Ficus Benjamina

Foliage Problems of Ficus Benjamina

Ficus benjamina is a small tree grown for the forest-like effect it brings to the indoors. Commonly known as weeping fig, this houseplant is prone to shedding its glossy green leaves for a variety of reasons, some of which are avoidable.

Home & Garden: Outdoor Dark Leaf Begonia Care

Outdoor Dark Leaf Begonia Care

Begonias are desirable for both their flowers and foliage. Rex begonias (Begonia rex) are popular primarily for their colorful leaves. Tuberous begonias (B. x tuberhybrida) are valued for their ability to grow in low-light conditions. Wax begonias (Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum) have brightly col

Home & Garden: Household Spiders in Michigan

Household Spiders in Michigan

Finding spiders in your household can be unnerving if you do not know about the species. Learning about the spiders found in your area is important to prevent getting bitten by a dangerous species. Michigan is home to many types of spiders, but fortunately the vast majority are harmless to humans. O

Home & Garden: Everblooming Summer Hydrangea

Everblooming Summer Hydrangea

Everblooming hydrangeas don't necessarily keep their flowers longer than other species of the hydrangea plant. The everblooming variety of hydrangea are so named because the flowers will bloom more than once through the summer season. New buds sprout on the tips of new hydrangea growth; they will bl

Home & Garden: How to Analyze Soil for Trace Minerals

How to Analyze Soil for Trace Minerals

Mineral composition makes the difference between fertile, rich soil and barren, infertile soil. The nutrition and flavor of vegetables, fruits and grains are derived from the minerals in the soil in which they were grown. If a vital mineral is missing, the flavor, nutrition and sweetness of the food