Society & Culture  & Entertainment: David Brenner - Biography

David Brenner - Biography

Read a biography of legendary comedian David Brenner, the father of observational comedy and the most frequent Tonight Show guest in history.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: What to Expect at Joel McHale's Stand Up Comedy Show

What to Expect at Joel McHale's Stand Up Comedy Show

You've seen him on The Soup and have been thinking about heading to one of his comedy shows to check him out but are not sure what to expect.Well never fear because this article will go over what you can expect at a Joel McHale Stand Up Comedy Show.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: More McTongue

More McTongue

A picture of John McCain sticking out his tongue at the presidential debate.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Who Said Woe Unto Me? in the Three Religions

Who Said Woe Unto Me? in the Three Religions

According to the Bible, King David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Job, Micah, the Philistines and, the daughter of Zion said, all of them said: Woe is me or Woe unto me.King David said: Woe is me! Because I dwell

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Just For Laughs

Just For Laughs

Actual church bulletin bloopers:"Next Sunday is Easter and Mrs. Anderson will come forward and lay an egg on the altar""Tonight's sermon: WHAT IS HELL? Come early and listen to our choir practice."

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: To Rehearse Or Not Rehearse That Is The Question

To Rehearse Or Not Rehearse That Is The Question

Bob Hope didn't believe in long rehearsals, feeling that too much familiarity with comic material could dull the spontaneity that he felt it requires. Consequently, guests who preferred more

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Bush Reads a Book

Bush Reads a Book

View a doctored photo of President Bush reading a book upside down.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Best #PoorLeo Memes

Best #PoorLeo Memes

This is how the internet reacted when Leonardo DiCaprio didn't win the "Best Actor" Oscar.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Dyslexia


Celebration is a cause for cake, but these cakes are not a cause for celebration.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Dream vs. Scream

Dream vs. Scream

A political cartoon about comparing Martin Luther King's dream to the nightmare that is Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Wrong for the Country

Wrong for the Country

A political cartoon about Hillary Clinton's argument against Barack Obama.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Dane Cook

Dane Cook

From Dane Cook to Jeff Dunham, several comedians really hit it big in the 2000s. Check out the breakout comedy stars of the decade.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Confederate Flag Replacement

Confederate Flag Replacement

A political cartoon suggesting replacing the Confederate Flag with Donald Trump's hairpiece.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Signs You Are About to Be Laid Off

Signs You Are About to Be Laid Off

In this troubled economic times it is time someone stepped forward and offered real world advice about being laid off or fired. How do you know when its coming? What can you do? Did I forget to mention that this is a humor column?

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Future Climate

Future Climate

A political cartoon about climate change.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Stinkball


Stinkball is the old pong game, updated with belching pigs. Drop everything. Suddenly, with Stinkball, your life has meaning!