Law & Legal & Attorney: Election Policy of India - Rigid and Refined Rules Are Followed

Election Policy of India - Rigid and Refined Rules Are Followed

According to the rules mentioned in the Constitution of India, its principles and Electoral laws, elections are held at regular intervals. The citizens of India play the most indispensable role in the election policy of India. The Election Commissioner and Chief Election Commissioner of the Election

Law & Legal & Attorney: Why Is It Called a French Drain?

Why Is It Called a French Drain?

The French drain sounds like an exotic, sophisticated contraption inherited from Europe. In fact, the drain is native to the United States and has nothing to do with France at all. The French drain came out of the context of agriculture in New England and was invented by a man with associations as d

Law & Legal & Attorney: Red Snapper Farming

Red Snapper Farming

Red snapper is a very popular dish in the United States. Along with its mild taste, it is loaded with protein and low in saturated fat and sodium. The popularity of red snapper has led to an unfortunate consequence. Red snapper populations in the wild are being depleted due to overfishing. To help r

Law & Legal & Attorney: The Benefits Of Listening To Political Talk Radio

The Benefits Of Listening To Political Talk Radio

Some people agree with our current president when he was reported to have denounced members of the GOP for listening to talk radio. You might agree that it creates divisions between people trying to work together. But research shows that many individuals who listen to talk radio are more aware of pu

Law & Legal & Attorney: Warrior Code of Ethics

Warrior Code of Ethics

The concept of a "warrior's code" is simple: it is to legitimize killing within strictly limited boundaries. The general sense is that there is a fine line between legitimate and illegitimate killing. Those who kill for society must avoid becoming tyrants.

Law & Legal & Attorney: The Taliban And Al-qaeda Have Benefitted From A Lull In The Us Drone Campaign

The Taliban And Al-qaeda Have Benefitted From A Lull In The Us Drone Campaign

The US dorne campaign in Pakistan was halted in the aftermatn of the friendly fire incident in Pakistan which resulted in the deaths of twenty four of their troops. Terrorist in the area have taken advantage of the lull in fighting and have been moving aound more and increasing their activities.

Law & Legal & Attorney: Pacifism - A Paranoid Fable

Pacifism - A Paranoid Fable

In Italy, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi had suggested to regulate immigration favoring those most suited of being integrated (Christians). The proposal of the Cardinal did horrify the "intellectuals" left-wing liberal and pacifist. For a definition these "distinguished gentlemen" have a

Law & Legal & Attorney: The Dehumanization Of Humanity

The Dehumanization Of Humanity

Every new insult to the dignity of the human being, such as the British courts decision mentioned above or the technology that strips a person naked without his having to even remove his clothing, not only strips a man naked of his ability to enjoy and protect his life but reduces him to the humilia

Law & Legal & Attorney: Chile's Success Proves Neo-Liberalism Works

Chile's Success Proves Neo-Liberalism Works

As a leader of South America's success story, Bachelet would do well to project her country's leadership to those pockets of South America where desperate hope has fed populist leaders who have not proven yet that their model is better than neo-liberalism. Chile is proof that without rampa

Law & Legal & Attorney: What Are the Duties of a City Councilman?

What Are the Duties of a City Councilman?

A city council person is an elected legislative official. The primary responsibility of the position is to make and enforce laws. As a part of a city council, the member votes with a board to pass bills on a wide range of city-related matters. He or she can represent a constituency of voters within

Law & Legal & Attorney: Why is the Media Silent on the Obama Birth Certificate Question?

Why is the Media Silent on the Obama Birth Certificate Question?

In layman's terms the mainstream media may be afraid of showing up with egg on its face. Yet, the question about the allegedly fraudulent COLB (certificate of live birth) doesn't want to go away. It is more than simple curiosity that is driving the quest; it is a strong desire for the trut

Law & Legal & Attorney: Where have all the Heroes gone

Where have all the Heroes gone

America is filled with standouts and perserverance; our nation has a rich heritage of strength and honor. We have so many heroes in our short 200 years of history it is hard to keep them all straight. Think of your favorite hero. So are many other great Americans.I can think of so many. Can you? How

Law & Legal & Attorney: Beware of Government

Beware of Government

Nine years ago the New York Times published an article warning of the problems that could arise from US mortgage provider Fannie Mae's plans to ease credit requirements and offer up home ownership to anyone with a pulse. "Fannie Mae has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Admin

Law & Legal & Attorney: History of National Debt

History of National Debt

According to the United States Treasury Department, the national debts is described as: "...the accumulated debt the government owes from... years of borrowing... money owed to individuals, corporations, state or local governments, foreign governments, and other entities outside the

Law & Legal & Attorney: Philanthropic Giving and Philanthropic Charity

Philanthropic Giving and Philanthropic Charity

Philanthropic Giving is often where a wealthy individual wishes to make a big impact to charitable cause in one go, and improve the lives of many people (or the environment and animals). It is a sustained way of making a big difference for years to come, and not just one simple donation which, on it

Law & Legal & Attorney: Italian Parts of Speech

Italian Parts of Speech

The Italian language uses the same basic parts of speech as the English language. Parts of speech include conjunctions, interjections, nouns and pronouns, prepositions, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Of these parts of speech, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions are the most complex, as their

Law & Legal & Attorney: The Fault In Self-government:The Self

The Fault In Self-government:The Self

The nature of the people drives the government. We get the government we deserve, as the government is a reflection of ourselves. The fault in self-government lies less with the government and more with the self. Only a moral, righteous and just people can sustain a open, honest and honorable govern

Law & Legal & Attorney: 501(c)(3) Regulations

501(c)(3) Regulations

Charities follow strict rules to maintain their IRS 501(c)(3) status.Donations image by Rebs O from Fotolia.comA 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, commonly known as a nonprofit corporation, is a charitable endeavor that is not subject to federal taxes and may also be exempt from local or...

Law & Legal & Attorney: What Does Fire 57 Mean?

What Does Fire 57 Mean?

Fire 57 is an abbreviated name for the National Fire Protection Agency's code 57, or the Liquefied Natural Gas Vehicular Fuel Systems code, the first edition of which appeared in 1999.