Travel & Places: Only in Netherlands

Only in Netherlands

As someone new to Netherlands, I have witnessed a lot of unusual things and practices I've only seen here. This is dedicated to stuffs that seem strange to me but are rather normal for people in Netherlands.

Travel & Places: Tour to Spain

Tour to Spain

The monotonous life style that is very common in today's world calls for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. An amazing place to spend a vacation in is Spain. This place is packed with tourists all ...

Travel & Places: Goa Tour Package - Cheers to The Joy of Life!

Goa Tour Package - Cheers to The Joy of Life!

Christened fondly by the Portuguese as the "Pearl of the Orient", Goa is best witnessed through a special Goa tour package. Goa is the most hip tourist place in India, visited by many national and international celebrities often on a vacation, enjoying its numerous beaches and a reverberat

Travel & Places: Top 10 Bars in Tel Aviv

Top 10 Bars in Tel Aviv

Well, with the wide variety of bars that have popped up in Tel Aviv over the last few years, this is almost mission impossible. But, send me to a pub or two, and mission impossible is stuffed into my back pocket. Looking to chat with other tourists over a pint? No problem. Want to practice your line

Travel & Places: Traveling Tips to Pulau Tidung

Traveling Tips to Pulau Tidung

Pulau Tidung has now growed into a tourist spot and a favorite destination for travelers and tourists in Indonesia. Although not as popular as Pulau Bali, Bunaken, Karimun Jawa Island, Mount Bromo or Krakatau, Pulau ...

Travel & Places: Jewel in the West

Jewel in the West

Jewel in the West, has something to offer for everyone. A journey through such historical landmarks provides a complete experience with something to offer for every kind of tourist.

Travel & Places: Simply Capital - Visiting Berlin

Simply Capital - Visiting Berlin

Berlin, capital city of Germany, is a sprawling centre of industry, culture and relaxation. It is a hugely varied place, from the shining spires of Potsdamer Platz, to the gorgeous plaza at Friedrichstadt, and everything ...

Travel & Places: Top Destinations To Enjoy Honeymoon in India

Top Destinations To Enjoy Honeymoon in India

India is definitely an ultimate holiday destination. It's worldwide famous because of its wealthy heritage and culture, colorful history, scintillating sightseeing spots, first class hospitality, every visitor here's treated as God, €Atithi Devo Bhavo€, excellent ...

Travel & Places: Several Reasons Why You Need To Take A Rarotonga Vacation

Several Reasons Why You Need To Take A Rarotonga Vacation

There are lots of breathtaking travel spots around the globe where people can go on a vacation trip, but plenty of holidaymakers are simply just familiar with the most well-known ones, frequently overlooking the hidden ...

Travel & Places: Wellington Events To Enjoy This Summer

Wellington Events To Enjoy This Summer

New Zealand's capital city ofWellingtonis a great place to be at any time of the year, and this summer is no exception. From January 17 to March 31, the city's Summer City 2012 festi

Travel & Places: Scenic Wonder At Longmen Gully

Scenic Wonder At Longmen Gully

Offering peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, Longmen Gully in Mentougou district near Beijing is an ideal get away spot. With its increasing attraction as a summer retreat the area is well adapted to accommodate travellers.

Travel & Places: Park Yourself in Tenerife

Park Yourself in Tenerife

Tenerife is not all about beaches, sunbathing and surfing. The island features a range of interesting parks to keep the whole family entertained and occupied.

Travel & Places: Convenient Flag Hotel for a Pleasant Stay

Convenient Flag Hotel for a Pleasant Stay

The hotels are generally numerous in general. It's your level of finding the right one for your stay before you arrive at a place for the sake of getting entertained. You get the point shared? ...

Travel & Places: Easy Fantastic Andalusia Holidays

Easy Fantastic Andalusia Holidays

Andalusia is a large Community in Spain with plenty of fantastic sightings for the visitors. It is full of adventure and romance depending on the tourists' objectives of a holiday in Andalusi

Travel & Places: A Grand Canyon Day

A Grand Canyon Day

The walk from the desert view Watchtower to the village on the South Rim was wonderful. How far we walked I do not remember, the stunning views of the Canyon and the Colorado river kept your mind thrilled by the sights, so time and distance faded into insignificance. Fortunately, we visited in May s

Travel & Places: Shop 'Til You Drop In London

Shop 'Til You Drop In London

Shopaholics will certainly love London. Visit London and enjoy the shopping places. Who knows, you may find what you are looking for there.But first, know where you should go to maximize shopping experience.