Pets & Animal: Mountain Bluebird – Male

Mountain Bluebird – Male

Photo gallery of North American bluebirds, including eastern, western and mountain species. Includes photos of bluebird behavior, nests and young, with tips for how to see and attract bluebirds.

Pets & Animal: Attracting Nesting Birds

Attracting Nesting Birds

Attracting the birds you really want for your back yard is easy - if you do some home work and planning. Follow a few simple tips and you can enjoy the nesting season every year at your own home.

Pets & Animal: How to Nurse Baby Birds

How to Nurse Baby Birds

If you find wild baby birds, you should first try to return them to their mother. Baby birds that have feathers and whose nest you can locate nearby were likely just trying to fly for the first time. However, if you cannot find the nest or they are lacking feathers, you should contact a bird rehabil

Pets & Animal: Eurasian Collared Dove (Streptopelia Decaocto)

Eurasian Collared Dove (Streptopelia Decaocto)

Streptopelia decaocto, also known as the Eurasian Collared Dove is native to Asia. Though not a migratory bird, the Collared dove is rather fond of traveling; specialists call it invasive. This is due to the fact that over the past century, it has conquered all continents. As mentioned before, the C

Pets & Animal: What Birds Can Go Together in New Zoo Aviary?

What Birds Can Go Together in New Zoo Aviary?

Aviaries must be spacious enough to comfortably house all the individual birds that will be placed in them. In all cases, new aviaries should be well planted with a variety of trees and shrubs and must contain sufficient nest boxes or logs to accommodate all of the birds. Nervous bird species will u

Pets & Animal: Top 10 Complaints About Birds

Top 10 Complaints About Birds

Which of these complaints about birds have you heard? Learn how to answer and ease tension for both people and birds!

Pets & Animal: How to Hand Rear Cockatiels

How to Hand Rear Cockatiels

Hand-rearing cockatiel chicks is a labor-intensive endeavor requiring extensive knowledge, specialized equipment and round-the-clock care. The best time to start hand-rearing is when the chicks are 14 days old. This allows them to build their immune systems and their ability to regulate their body t

Pets & Animal: Line Bird Identification

Line Bird Identification

Experienced bird watchers can identify birds perched on overhead lines even at a distance. To identify line birds, they look for features such as their shape, size and color.

Pets & Animal: How to Build Bird Cage Stands

How to Build Bird Cage Stands

Bird cage stands should be simple and strong. They shouldn't be cumbersome, top heavy or hard to move. Simplicity is key for bird cage stands. Bird cages are not that heavy and don't need complicated structures to hold them up.You can build them like single-post lecterns with just a post between two

Pets & Animal: The Robin's Winter Habitat

The Robin's Winter Habitat

The American Robin is a common thrush that inhabits the continent of North America from northern Mexico to Northern Alaska and Canada. The bird is best identified by the its red-breast. It is known as a harbinger of spring. However, some robins remain in the same location year round while others mig

Pets & Animal: Hummingbird Species List (G-Q)

Hummingbird Species List (G-Q)

Alphabetical list of hummingbird species including common and scientific names from G-Q, with notes on which hummingbirds visit, breed and reside in North America. Additional pages cover birds A-F and R-Z.

Pets & Animal: "Penny", owned by @earthtomel1

"Penny", owned by @earthtomel1

Photo gallery of pet birds owned by Twitter users. Add your bird's photo to the gallery by tweeting it to @AboutPetBirds!

Pets & Animal: The Budgerigar (AKA The Budgie or Parakeet)

The Budgerigar (AKA The Budgie or Parakeet)

This cute little parrot is one of the most popular of all captive birds here in the United States because of it's small size and easy upkeep. It's a great bird for first time parrot owners.

Pets & Animal: What Are the Differences Between a Parrot & a Parakeet?

What Are the Differences Between a Parrot & a Parakeet?

The difference between a parrot and a parakeet is actually less of a difference in the bird and more of a difference in the category to which they belong. Determining whether a bird is in the parakeet family or a member of the more general parrot family depends on the exact species of bird because m

Pets & Animal: How To Raise Baby Quails

How To Raise Baby Quails

An article with tips and advice on raising baby quails. Discusses their diet requirements and how to incubate quail eggs successfully.

Pets & Animal: Care for an African Grey

Care for an African Grey

The African Grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) makes a highly intelligent animal companion. They have a human-like ability to mimic speech, cognitive abilities and mental function similar to a 5 year old child. Many have vocabularies that consist of approximately 1,500 words, according to the African

Pets & Animal: How to Dust Chickens for Mites

How to Dust Chickens for Mites

A mite infestation in a chicken coop can be a serious problem. It causes stress and discomfort for the chickens and for other animals in the area. If you discover that one of your chickens has mites, it is important to dust the chicken and the area it lives in as soon as possible. Dusting chickens