Health & Medical: An Aid To Stop Smoking, Try Self Hypnosis Self Improvement

An Aid To Stop Smoking, Try Self Hypnosis

Facts about how hypnosis is one of the leading ways to stop smoking and not go back for the rest of your life. You can feel and look better by eliminating undesirable habits, plus you will become healthier in the process. With self hypnosis you will eliminate bad habits by using relaxation and scrip

Health & Medical: Banish Your Inner Procrastinator Self Improvement

Banish Your Inner Procrastinator

Are you a member of the procrastination club? Is it a habit that served you well at one time, but now gets in the way of achieving your goals, or feeling happy? This article will highlight a few reasons why it may not be helping you, and a few key strategies to take the first steps toward kicking th

Health & Medical: Recovery From the Loss of a Disabled Brother Self Improvement

Recovery From the Loss of a Disabled Brother

My younger brother was disabled. He was born with learning disabilities so severe that he appeared to be blind at first. Adorable to look at and blessed with a great sense of humor, he could be great company. He was intelligent and ambitious and his life was often a frustrating, maddening experience

Health & Medical: The Lottery Culture Self Improvement

The Lottery Culture

This article addresses the question as to whether the lottery and similar luck-based methods for gaining wealth are having a negative impact on the America psyche. I discuss some core psychological principles focused on whether people believe that their outcomes are primarily the result of what they