Technology: How to Record Tenants in Quickbooks Software

How to Record Tenants in Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a very versatile accounting program and can be used for just about any type of business. Using QuickBooks for either an apartment complex, house rental or vacation home rental business is possible, but how tenant accounting is handled will differ. QuickBooks has

Technology: Law Schools Online Networking & Internet

Law Schools Online

The U.N. World Commission on Environment and Development released the Earth Charter in 1987. It has yet to be fully implemented on a global scale. Its broad themes include respect and care for the environment, ...

Technology: How to Clear Style in IE Networking & Internet

How to Clear Style in IE

The style, design, and layout of modern websites is generally driven by the site's cascading style sheet (CSS). Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer (IE), use CSS to render the look-and-feel of the website. CSS enables Web designers to create uniformly attractive sites that are organized in an e

Technology: IPhone Development At a Glance Software

IPhone Development At a Glance

The introduction of iPhone technology and its App store have inspired diligent developers to accelerate production of apps which could leverage its existing features.

Technology: How to Make a Star With a Skull on My Phone Software

How to Make a Star With a Skull on My Phone

If you want to make a particular picture, like a star with a skull, appear on your phone, you can do so by downloading it to your smart phone from your computer using the free Windows program Windows Media Player, which comes with the operating system. WMP makes use of the data USB cable for your ph

Technology: Disadvantage of Struts Software

Disadvantage of Struts

Struts is a Java framework. A framework is software to build on; it provides the glue to take different application pieces and put them together. It is an implementation of the Model View Controller concept, wherein the view of an application, or human interfaceis kept separate from the model, or bu

Technology: How to Cache File Extensions Software

How to Cache File Extensions

In order to provide a more user-friendly experience when using computer applications and websites, computer programs save recently used files and information in a locally stored cache file. A cache file's primary purpose is to speed the loading of recently viewed information. Common applications tha

Technology: The Importance and Benefits of OB GYN EMR Software

The Importance and Benefits of OB GYN EMR

With the advancement in the science and technology sector, the methods of conducting a patient has also changed with great effect. This has certainly added benefits to the doctors as they can treat the patient in a better way. Again, it is beneficial on part of the patients as well, because they can

Technology: How to Erase the MetaCrawler Search Bar Networking & Internet

How to Erase the MetaCrawler Search Bar

MetaCrawler is a website that combines results from popular Web search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. Similar to these other search engines, the values that you type into the MetaCrawler search bar are automatically saved inside that bar. Erasing these entries prevents others from seeing wh