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Get Outdoors in Oz

Australia's vast continent has so much to offer that, without a plan, it could all be a little overwhelming. One great place to start is definitely the outdoors. Let's face it, the beautiful weather and ...

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Why Cheap Flights?

Why do people have to take cheap flights? What could be better than deluxe service? Don't we all want to be comfortable and fly in luxury? It will only take one call to your travel agent. All these comforts and luxuries are good. Even the minimalist can't help but agree. But the ascetic ma

Travel & Places: Colorado River RV Camping United States

Colorado River RV Camping

RV camping along the Colorado River can provide some of the greatest and most memorable moments of any RV enthusiast's life, and is an opportunity for anybody who likes to travel in a RV should never miss out on. Not only will travelers get to see amazing and diverse natural beauty, but they will ex

Travel & Places: Hotels in Hollywood Hills United States

Hotels in Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood HillsHollywood Sign image by crossgolfing from Fotolia.comAlthough film production is scattered all over the Los Angeles area, Hollywood is the spiritual home of the entertainment industry in California. Travelers lodging in the Hollywood Hills are in prime position to visit...

Travel & Places: Rohnert Park California Activities United States

Rohnert Park California Activities

Rohnert Park is located in Sonoma County, California. It is a planned city, modeled after Levittown, New York, and is twinned with Hasimoto in Japan. The city describes itself as a "Recreation Destination" due to the number of recreational facilities available including parks, swimming pools, barbec