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Tour to Spain

The monotonous life style that is very common in today's world calls for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. An amazing place to spend a vacation in is Spain. This place is packed with tourists all ...

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Top 10 Bars in Tel Aviv

Well, with the wide variety of bars that have popped up in Tel Aviv over the last few years, this is almost mission impossible. But, send me to a pub or two, and mission impossible is stuffed into my back pocket. Looking to chat with other tourists over a pint? No problem. Want to practice your line

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Visiting Lake Constance, Germany

The deep blue waters of Lake Constance lap the shores of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, making a visit a true international adventure. The lake was formed by the Rhine glacier eons ago and is fed by the Rhine River today. If you make the town of Konstanz (or Constance) your home base, you can gaz